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CARLILE, BRANDI / In These Silent Days

Brandi Carlile is a once-in-a-generation talent. If you've seen her perform, you know how powerful her songs and voice can be (are your hairs standing up yet?). For In These Silent Days, Carlile teamed up with Nashville's Dave Cobb to produce yet another genre-defying album. This one will further cement Brandi's status as a figurehead in the Americana scene.


HAWKINS, TED /Watch Your Step

You probably haven't heard of Ted Hawkins, and that's because this mostly anonymous street performer had an unconventional career and lifestyle. Ted was known for singing his heartfelt songs on the Venice Beach boardwalk, and there is unique authenticity in his music. Many record producers "discovered" him over the years, but his rambling ways made the realities of a record deal impossible.


YOAKAM, DWIGHT / Dwight's Used Records 

Dwight's Used Records is mostly compiled of traditional country and bluegrass tunes. "Understand Your Man" and "Paradise" pay homage to two Country legends—Johnny Cash and John Prine—and "Down Where The River Bends" showcases the legendary Ralph Stanley. If you're looking for Rock and Roll, check out the ZZ Top classic, "I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide" like only Dwight can do.



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