HAWKINS, TED / Watch Your Step

HAWKINS, TED / Watch Your Step

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TOM'S PICK: "You probably haven't heard of Ted Hawkins, and that's because this mostly anonymous street performer had an unconventional career and lifestyle. Ted was known for singing his heartfelt songs on the Venice Beach boardwalk, and there is unique authenticity in his music. Many record producers "discovered" him over the years, but his rambling ways made the realities of a record deal impossible." -TAN

Limited 180gm vinyl LP pressing. Watch Your Step was a 1982 album by Ted Hawkins, a collection of previously recorded songs. From his obscure beginnings in Biloxi, Mississippi; to playing on the streets of Venice, California for small change; to experiencing notoriety in Europe as thousands flocked to his concerts before his untimely death: Ted Hawkins lived what he sang; of that, there is no doubt. His powerful, soulful voice awed listeners as he shared his beautifully troubled world. For the first-time fans can experience Watch Your Step on a 180gm vinyl. Ted Hawkins was born in Biloxi, Mississippi. He was an enigmatic figure for most of his career. He split his time between his adopted hometown of Venice Beach, California, where he was a mostly anonymous street performer, and Europe and Australia, where he and his songs were better known and well received in clubs and small concert halls.



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