Blue Chip TD Pick
Blue Chip TD Pick

Blue Chip TD Pick

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The Blue Chip TD is a standard teardrop shape pick with two rounded corners and one sharper playing corner. The TD40 is 40/1000 of an inch (1.00mm) thick, and the TD50 is 50/1000 of an inch (1.25 mm). All Blue Chip picks a professionally machined, hand beveled, and laser etched.

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"BlueChip picks are the perfect connection to your instrument. Nothing comes close to the seamless relationship BlueChip picks give you. The goal of our picks is to get out of your way, to allow you to forget about the pick and just create without thought of wear, slippage, and poor tone.

The greatest players in the world are calling BlueChip Picks the greatest guitar, mandolin, and thumb picks in the world. Many amazing musicians have dropped their other picks and picked up a BlueChip.

Our picks are produced from a very high grade, self lubricating composite material specially formulated for great playing qualities. These one of a kind picks cannot be found anywhere else in the world. The patent pending material has great tone and speed and their self lubricating properties make them extremely fast."



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