JHS Superbolt V2
JHS Superbolt V2
JHS Superbolt V2
JHS Superbolt V2
JHS Superbolt V2
JHS Superbolt V2
JHS Superbolt V2
JHS Superbolt V2
JHS Superbolt V2

JHS Superbolt V2

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When the Superbolt dropped in 2012, it became one of the most recognized and distinguished pedals in the JHS line (right in line with the Morning Glory). Guitarists all over the world love the sixties-era Supro amp-in-a-box tones that this pedal churns out.

In designing the Superbolt, JHS paid very close attention to the feel and sound that made the original amps the go-to combos for players like Jimmy Page, Brian Setzer, and Switchfoot’s Drew Shirley. Wth the SuperBolt Version 2, JHS gives you access to the versatile Gain boost circuit via the front-mounted toggle (or with a JHS Red Remote footswitch - sold separately).


If you want to know what the SuperBolt V2 can do, just listen to the opening chord stabs of Led Zeppelin’s debut album. A more iconic rock tone there isn’t. And though the cranked sixties Supro amp tones Jimmy Page deployed will go down as legend, those sounds are only the beginning of what the SuperBolt V2 is capable of.

  • Tones based on the clear and gritty tones of sixties Supro tube amps.
  • Drive knob acts in a similar fashion to the volume controls on the old amplifiers.
  • Tube rectifier-like sag increases as the Drive control is turned up.
  • Tone control is usable throughout the whole range.


Yes, when you step on the SuperBolt V2, your tone will be transformed into the glorious tones of classic rock’s heyday. But there’s much more under the hood than Jimmy’s Tele-driven rock. Back off on the Drive and Tone controls, and you’ll immediately find yourself digging into your best smokey Chicago blues licks. Or keep that drive low but crank the Volume, and you’re able to boost any amp into harmonically rich submission.

  • Tone control takes you from warm and mellow to cutting and aggressive, without ever losing its musicality. 
  • Internally converts 9V to 18V for a huge amount of headroom and punchy output.
  • Gain knob sweeps between darn-near-clean and amp in full-meltdown mode.


By pairing your SuperBolt V2 with the JHS Red Remote (sold separately), you’re able to access the front toggle’s gritty higher-gain settings on the fly. It’s like having two SuperBolts in one pedalboard-friendly package.

  • Switch to a more powerful sound with enhanced low end and grit.
  • Plug in your JHS Red Remote to switch between the two voices with a tap of your toe.
  • Handy LED changes from blue to red, indicating the status of the boost circuit.


V1 = Three controls; Hi/Lo toggle; early stamped units may have a three-stage lighting bolt icon, but most have a four-stage bolt icon.

V2 = Replaced Hi/Lo toggle with a Gain Toggle; added Red Remote system.




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