Martin D-15M Streetmaster

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While making a new instrument look old may be a new concept in the guitar industry, violin builders have been antiquing new instruments for centuries. Drawing from the model set by countless violin guilds over the years, Martin introduced the StreetMaster series to offer road-ready guitars in distressed satin finishes that will age beautifully and show honest play-wear over time. The StreetMasters offer the look and mojo of a well-worn, vintage instrument but with the accurate setup and smooth playability of a brand new guitar. Also, you don't have to worry about questionable repair history or "issues," and let's not forget that this brand new guitar includes a life-time warranty.

The Martin D-15M StreetMaster features solid mahogany construction and a gorgeous "worn-in" satin sunburst finish. It includes a deluxe gig-bag, so it's ready for the road! Whether you're playing sold-out Madison Square garden or busking on 7th Avenue outside, this D-15M StreetMaster is perfect for your next gig.



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