LEFTOVER SALMON / Brand New Good Old Days

LEFTOVER SALMON / Brand New Good Old Days

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"It's high time to acknowledge that Leftover Salmon is one of the best homegrown acts America has to offer."- Relix

On BRAND NEW GOOD OLD DAYS, Leftover Salmon delivers a feel good collection of 10 new tracks, dipping their collective musical toes back into the bluegrass stream from which they emerged as a band 30 years ago. The resulting album is a fun, engaging and deeply musical set which showcases the band's musical roots even as they embrace the more progressive elements that made the band one of the principal architects of the jam grass sound several decades ago. Leftover Salmon have been considered the architects of what has become known as "jamgrass," and are a band that has continued through various musical fads and label affiliations to maintain a vibrant, relevant and influential voice in the music world. Over that time, Leftover Salmon's sound has grown and evolved while staying true to the roots and guiding spirit of the band's founding members - mandolinist/singer Drew Emmitt and guitarist/singer Vince Herman.


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