BLUE STINGRAYS / Surf-N-Burn (IEX) (Blue Vinyl)

BLUE STINGRAYS / Surf-N-Burn (IEX) (Blue Vinyl)

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Per their bio in 1997:

The Blue Stingray's story starts in '59... The band formed that summer and created a new sound. That sound was surf music. Like those who roamed the globe for the perfect wave, The Blue Stingray's nailed the perfect sound when their twang rang 'round the world. A singular devotion to surf guitar music became a way of life for them and they considered it to be the only artform profound enough to truly express the passion in man's soul. The facts in 2021 : A fictional 50's surf-guitar band (Blue Stingrays), on a fictional record label (Epitone Records), actually created by a master guitar player. A story akin to the Traveling Wilburys, this long out of print LP has been dubbed by many as the "holy grail of modern surf guitar albums".


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