MY MORNING JACKET / My Morning Jacket

MY MORNING JACKET / My Morning Jacket

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WARREN'S PICK: "If you've seen MMJ live, you've witnessed one of the best rock bands of our generation. There's no shortage of fuzzed-out pointy guitars, band dynamics, unkempt hair, and unforgettable melodies you'll be humming for the next 6 months. Their latest self-titled release is their first record in six years, picking up where 2015's The Waterfall left off. One could argue that MMJ isn't one of the best modern rock bands, but they'd be wrong and we wouldn't listen to that nonsense." -WG

My Morning Jacket - "My Morning Jacket" - [Orange Crush w/ Lemon Splatter 2 LP] On their new full-length, My Morning Jacket reaffirm the rarefied magic that has made them so beloved, embedding each song with moments of discovery, revelation & ecstatic catharsis. It comes after a near permanent hiatus for the band until performing four shows in summer '19 left them with a new energy. Jim James engineered/produced at 64 Sound in LA where the band spent weeks in intentional seclusion emerging with their self-titled 9th album. Indie Exclusive Orange Crush w/ Lemon Splatter 2LP



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