1-Spot Pro CS7
1-Spot Pro CS7
1-Spot Pro CS7
1-Spot Pro CS7
1-Spot Pro CS7
1-Spot Pro CS7
1-Spot Pro CS7
1-Spot Pro CS7

1-Spot Pro CS7

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The Truetone 1 Spot Pro CS7 power supply can provide twice as much power to your pedals as transformer-based power bricks. Each of the seven outputs are completely isolated, regulated and filtered to give you noise-free performance. With no transformer to hinder its abilities, there is never any proximity noise. And being the world’s first multi-output switching power supply for musicians, it will work anywhere in the world without modification.

  • Output 1: 18VDC (100mA)
  • Outputs 2-5: 9VDC or 12VDC (200mA each)
  • Outputs 6-7: 9VDC (500mA each)
Power cables (all are center pin negative polarity):
  • (4) DC18 (5.5x2.1mm barrel plugs; 18” (457mm) – White
  • (3) DC12 (5.5x2.1mm barrel plugs; 12” (305mm) – Yellow
Converter Plugs:
  • (1) CL6 – (5.5x2.1mm barrel input, 5.5x2.5 barrel output; reverse polarity)
  • Green – for Line 6 DL4/M9/etc. and some Eventide pedals.
  • (1) CYR – (5.5x2.1mm barrel input, 5.5x2.1 barrel output; reverse polarity)
  • Red – reverse polarity converter
  • (1) C35 – (5.5x2.1mm barrel input, 3.5mm male output; tip positive)
  • Black – 3.5mm (1/8”) plug converter
  • (1) CBAT – (5.5x2.1mm barrel input, Black battery clip output) Connects to battery clip wires inside pedals that do not have DC jacks. (Do NOT connect to a battery!)
  • Comes with mounting brackets for Pedaltrain pedalboards
  • Dimensions: 5.5 x 3.37 x 2 in. (140 x 86 x 50mm)
  • Weight: 1.31 lb. (592 grams)


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