What's your favorite tuner?

There are a lot of great tuners out there, but the favorite around Telluride Music Co. is the Nexxus 360 from D'Addario. 

What first attracted us to the Nexxus was that it's rechargeable. We tune a lot of instruments. Seriously. Any tuner in the shop gets a ton of usage, so over the years we've gone through more Snark batteries than you can image. 

After we started using the Nexxus in the shop, we realized how handy it is. It rates 360 degrees both at the base of the clip and on the read-out display itself, so it's use on a variety of different instruments. 

We also like that the display is bright and easy to see, and with the handy USB charger cable, it'll stay bright with up to 24 hours of usage between charges. 

Only $29.99 with free shipping! The Nexxus 360 is our favorite tuner hands down.



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