What's Your Favorite Modulation Effect?

What's happening fellow guitar nerds? Modulation is a great way to add texture and nuance to your tone. It's also a great way to give separation to dual guitar or guitar/keyboard bands. Whether you leave it on all the time or crank all the knobs to max, every guitarist needs some wiggle on their pedalboard. Check out the difference between Uni-Vibe, Chorus, and Vibrato. 



Personally, I've played entire sets with my Vibrato pedal on the entire time. I use it for a subtle "warped record" sound that, to me, is aurally pleasing. Add little delay or reverb, and voila! I also use Uni-Vibe (sometimes in tandem with my Vibrato) for a "faux-Leslie/Organ" sound that is great for jazzy blues rhythm. Additionally, the Uni-Vibe makes a great lead tone (clean or with a fuzz pedal).

Tom also makes great use of the Uni-Vibe in a similar way to what I described above. However, I've never seen a Tom Pedalboard without a Chorus on it. Obviously, he coaxes some super nostalgic tones from it, but combined with a little dirt, his lead tone gets a bit thicker and interesting.

Which one do you prefer?

JHS Unicorn

JHS Emperor

JHS Artificial Blonde





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