Turn Your Guitar Into A Koto

You guys know what a Koto is, right? Not only is it our favorite radio station in the country, but it is also a Japanese instrument similar to a Harp or Dulcimer.

Basically, each string has a bridge in the middle that enables you to play on both sides of the string. Depending on where the bridge is (math, how does it work?), will determine the pitches. 

I learned the "drumstick trick" from Lee Renaldo and Thurston Moore from Sonic Youth. Loosen your strings, slide a drumstick under there, and slide it around. Different spots on the neck will result in different tones. For example, this riff started with the drumstick at the 14th fret, but I wanted what was happening under my left hand to happen under my right hand. So, I moved the drumstick to the 10th fret (math, how does it work?)and voila!





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