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In the opening track "I Need a Teacher," Hiss Golden Messenger's MC Taylor yearns for "beauty in the broken American moment." As Terms of Surrender unfolds, the lyrics struggle with difficult questions and try to make sense of life's complications. Joined by Jenny Lewis' harmony vocals and Aaron Dessner's guitar, the band explores emotive sound scapes that are new for Hiss listeners.



Rolling Stones "Exile on Main Street"

Recorded in tax exile while the Stones holed up in the South of France, Exile on Main Street finds the band at their creative peak. Initially criticized because the songs didn't seem cohesive, the album's breadth and diversity show what's possible when Keith Richards has plenty of extra time on his hands.



Ry Cooder "Chavez Ravine"

Chavez Ravine takes place in LA during the 1950s. Unlike a lot of concept albums, the story is easy to follow. It kicks off with a groovy, laid-back “Poor Man’s Shangri-La,” then quickly takes you on a wild journey complete with The Dodgers, Mexican Culture, UFO landings, Joe Friday, and an increasing fear of Communism.

It seems the “Quiet Beatle” had quite a bit to say after all! Three LPs worth in fact! All Things Must Pass is absolutely timeless, and it is a constant reminder that no matter how difficult life gets, good times are always on the horizon.
For those of us who have celebrated this movie since childhood, this Soundtrack provides 40 minutes of pure nostalgia. Featuring singers such as Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, and James Brown, the band led by Steve Cropper and Donald "Duck" Dunn rips through each classic blues number.


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