New JHS 3 Series: Octave Reverb and Harmonic Trem

The JHS 3 Series brings us so many simple, straightforward tone-shaping tools, so we're excited to announce two brand new additions: Octave Reverb and Harmonic Trem

We had so much test-driving the two new pedals that we thought we'd take some time to compare them to others. In this next video, Warren used "Paranoid Android" from Radiohead to sample all three of the 3 Series reverb pedals. Check it out as he goes through Reverb, Hall Reverb, and then the new Octave Reverb.

With the addition of the Harmonic Trem, the 3 Series now features four different modulation pedals, so what happens when you try each back to back? We used Pink Floyd's "Shine On Your Crazy Diamond" to sample the Chorus, Harmonic Trem, Phaser, and Flanger. Which is your favorite? Ever wanted to try all four at once? Well, we couldn't resist—watch until the end to hear the chaos!



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