How does the JHS Artificial Blonde Vibrato compare to Magnatone Pitch Vibrato?

In the right hands, at the right settings, Pitch Vibrato can be a wonderful effect to use on musical instruments. By dialing in a slow rate, and heavy depth, you can create a tone similar to a warped record. Before you scoff at that description, there is something pleasing to our ears about subtle pitch modulation. In fact, many artists like Madison Cunningham, leave it on for entire sets! Faster settings can be used for Rotating Speaker tones, or a great substitute for more popular modulation effects, like Chorus or Tremolo.

The Panaramic 1210 (made by Magnatone) is considered the bench mark for many Pitch Vibrato enthusiasts. Let's see how the Artificial Blonde compares.

Pretty close, don't you think? In the video, our mic captured a bit more brightness, but you'll notice the EQ on the the Artificial Blonde was tilted toward the bass. Perhaps, bumping it up a bit would match the overall tone. BUT, did you notice how close the wavelengths are? Sure, it's not a perfect match, but it's damn close. Additionally, the Artificial Blonde is capable of much more versatility. The SPEED and DEPTH controls are able to go considerably slower/faster and deeper than the Panaramic. Plus the EQ tilt shift, the two independent presets, and the stereo outs.... Sincere upgrades, for sure. 

We think JHS really knocked it out of the park with this one. Not only is it a great sounding Vibrato with an excellent feature set, but Madison Cunningham is an absolute monster player, and her music deserves more attention. Go check her out! She's unreal! Go see her if she's near by! Buy her records! Put her on your playlist! Tell your friends! Learn her songs!




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