Emily Scott Robinson's "American Siren" is out today!

"American Siren" out today!

Huge congratulations are due to Telluride's own Emily Scott Robinson today—the official release day of her new album "American Siren." This is Emily's first album with Oh Boy Records, and we couldn't be any more proud to see it here in the shop.

One of life's most satisfying pleasures is witnessing your friends turn dreams into reality. We first met Emily years before she was the professional musician and acclaimed songwriter she is today. At the time, she worked for the San Miguel Resource Center, and she was a part of our crew of 20-somethings who settled in Telluride after graduating college.

Once she started singing on the Siam porch, Emily's talent caught the attention of folks all around town. In those early days, she entered in the Telluride's Got Talent competition, and as we all knew she would, she won. She used her $1,000.00 cash prize to buy a nice Martin guitar from us. Fast forward a few years, and she's a finalist for the Troubadour competition at the Telluride Bluegrass Festival. Guess what? She won that, too.

After spending the last number of years promoting her music around the country, she's now well known in the Americana, Folk, and Country music circles. Following the success of her second album ("Traveling Mercies"), Emily wrote a fitting anthem for the early days of the pandemic: "Time for Flowers." That song captured the attention of music fans all over the world, and it prompted John Prine's son Jody Whelan to reach out and let Emily know how meaningful the song was to his family.

Jody is John's oldest son, and he runs Oh Boy Records. That conversation opened the door for "American Siren" to be released on the record label started by one of Emily's greatest influences.

This highly-anticipated new release was made possible not only by Emily's gift for storytelling but also by her determination and dedication to her craft.

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