Collings CL Deluxe Oxblood Primavera

We had to wait almost a year and half for this custom CL Deluxe (all the way back to NAMM 2019!), but Collings delivered in spades.

Constructed entirely of rare Primavera, this particular CL Deluxe is extremely resonant, and it only weighs 8 lbs 2 oz. We based its design off of '50s "custom" solid body templates, so it features a Lollar Staple pickup in the neck and Lollar P90 in the bridge. It's a hugely dynamic guitar with a ton of sustain. With the volume control wide open, it wants to make your amp growl, but when you roll back on the volume, it cleans up nicely.

We're told this is only the fifth guitar Collings has made out of Primavera. We sold this one to our friend Zack King of the Zack King Band. It's a fitting stage guitar, and we're sure it will inspire years of songs and stories. 


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