Are you hip to Music On Vinyl?

What's "Music On Vinyl"?

Whenever we see the "Music On Vinyl" sticker, we know we're in for a treat. MOV is a vinyl-only record label based in the Netherlands. They specialize in high-quality, audiophile pressings. These are some of the best-sounding records available, and their well-curated catalog consists of both remastered editions of classic recordings and new releases from modern artists.

We do our best to keep a fresh stock of MOV records, and there's quite a variety available. Whenever you see that "Music On Vinyl" sticker, know that the record in your hands will be a top-notch listening experience.

BECK, JEFF /Blow By Blow

Jeff Beck is perhaps the most underrated guitarist of the '60s and '70s. Hendrix, Clapton, and Page get the lion's share of praise, but none of them are as expressive or precise as Beck. Don't believe us? One search on YouTube, and you will be treated to a masterclass on right hand technique. From the opening track's "You Know What I Mean" guitar gymnastics, a disco-reggae "She's A Woman" cover, and "Freeway Jam" freak-out, it's impossible to listen to this funk-rock masterpiece and not groove!

RONETTES / Presenting the Fabulous Ronettes

We've all heard of the recording technique "Wall of Sound," but you've never heard its full effect until you've explored the Ronettes. In the '60s, the intention was to maximize the possibilities of studio recording to create an unusually dense orchestral aesthetic for pop music that came across well through lo-fi radios and jukeboxes of the era. To hear it with modern precision, you'll appreciate the genius of arrangements in what might initially sound like simple pop songs. Side note: "All Things Must Pass" would not exist without this record.



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