5th Year Anniversary

--- Thank You. ---

Friends & Neighbors-

Five years can go by really fast. As of today, it has now been five years since 6 Strings Music, LLC took over ownership of Telluride Music Co. Exactly five years ago, Benjamin Preston and I started this incredible journey, and we can’t thank you enough for being part of it.

I’m so proud of what we have accomplished in five years, and I’m humbled by the generous encouragement and support we’ve found from our wonderful customers. Our customer base is a diverse group of interesting folks, and many have grown to be true friends over the years. Most are working musicians of various levels—those who play the coffeeshop down the street all the way up to those who play Mile High Stadium in Denver. Regardless of our scattered backgrounds and differing musical tastes, we’re bonded by a passion for the instruments. That passion is what Telluride Music is all about.  

We’ve often said Telluride Music’s greatest contribution is the immeasurable value it adds to the community. By “community,” we of course mean the Town of Telluride, but we include ourselves in the vast landscape of independent music stores across the globe. More broadly, our community is all of those who share our passion for musical instruments. Our goal is to bring value to that conversation, and I think we’ve succeeded in that endeavor. But we’re not done yet—we intend to keep the pedal to the floor! 

Looking around the shop this morning, our carefully-curated selection gets better every day. It’s a small wonder that a shop like ours exists anywhere. Yet somehow it makes sense that—of anywhere—a shop like ours exists in Telluride. This town isn’t like anywhere else in the world, and neither is our shop. I mean, how many guitar stores have a ski rack in the back?

While 2022 is only our 5th Anniversary, this year also marks the 30th anniversary of Telluride Music Co. Thirty years, three locations, and three owners later, there’s plenty to celebrate. We’re planning formal celebrations around the third weekend of June when the Bluegrass Festival is in town—stay tuned!

Thank you being a part of Telluride Music. We could not do any of this without all our customers, friends, and supporters. We appreciate you all more than you know. 

Can’t wait to see what the future holds!

-Tom Nading, 4.14.22



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