NAU, MICHAEL / Michael Nau & The Mighty Thread

NAU, MICHAEL / Michael Nau & The Mighty Thread

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Vinyl LP pressing. 2018 release. Michael Nau & The Mighty Thread is the follow up to 2016's Mowing - the first record he released under his own name, after fronting psych folk projects Page France and Cotton Jones - June 2017's Some Twist, and it's extension, The Load EP. This sprawling album was recorded in Benny Yurco's one-bedroom apartment in downtown Burlington, Vermont. Nau and his collaborators had a cool little set up going in Yurco's spot - drums and bass took over the bedroom, the guitar amp in the bathroom, Nau's vocals and piano in the living room, and a vibraphone in the kitchen. It's the first time one of Nau's records happened all in one place, and it feels most like a band record than ever before.



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