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At Telluride Music Co., we are honored to be an Authorized Dealer of Waterloo guitars, handmade in Austin by Collings guitars. The Waterloo guitar line pays homage to depression-era guitars—simple, affordable instruments that produced genuine, soulful tone and inspired a pivotal generation of musicians and song-writers.

Weighing in at under three pounds, the featherweight WL-K is an exciting new 12-fret addition to the Waterloo line built with maximum responsiveness in mind. Inspired by the elusive instruments manufactured under the sub-brand Kel Kroydon around 1930, which were touted at the time to offer the utmost in vibratory response and the finest tone available, the WL-K is delicately built using lightweight materials and supported by thinly carved braces. When paired with a minimal lacquer finish, the resulting tone is dry and transparent with just the right level of complexity in the overtones, capable of capturing the expressiveness of the player down to the finest nuance.

With a 24 7/8″ scale length and moderately sized, oval shaped neck, the WL-K is a fingerstyle player’s delight, but this is by no means the extent of the guitar’s versatility. Exceptional clarity and note separation make it well-suited to a variety of other playing styles and a logical choice for singer-songwriters and purveyors of traditional roots music. A carbon fiber T-bar running through the neck provides stability and efficient transfers of energy back into the body, producing a resonance you can feel.

This Waterloo WL-K is an impressive guitar to say the least, and we love its vintage sunburst finish. This instrument is sure to inspire the next generation of folksingers, wayfaring songsters, and blues ramblers.

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