2017 Waterloo WL-JK Deluxe


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The Waterloo guitar line, handmade in Austin by Collings guitars, pays homage to depression-era guitars—simple, affordable instruments that produced genuine, soulful tone and inspired a pivotal generation of musicians and song-writers.

Full-bodied in both tone and stature, the aptly nicknamed “Jumbo King” is the largest body size in the Waterloo line, and it is essentially a modern-day tribute to jumbo-sized guitars of the early 1940s. In an era decades ahead of advanced microphone and pickup technology, the slope-shouldered jumbo body was designed to provide performers the volume and power they needed to play gigs and push their music. In addition to its stout body size, the Waterloo WL-JK is five-inches deep and has a slightly narrow waist that helps improve treble and bass response. Its tone is robust and throaty with lower-mids and bass that are a punch to the gut. This is a guitar that says hello loudly and shouts across the room when you need it to.

This 2017 Waterloo WL-JK Deluxe features true-to-era “deluxe” appointments—a full-body sunburst finish, body and fingerboard binding, dot inlays, and “value added” custom-machined tuner covers. Like the standard model, it utilizes prewar-inspired x-bracing, a 1-3/4″ nut width, and a prominent-V neck with a fully-adjustable truss rod. Due to the thin finish, there are a few dings (see photos), but there is almost no play wear.

This 2017 Waterloo WL-JK Deluxe is gently used and ready to inspire. Original hardshell case and paperwork included.

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