Santa Cruz Vintage Southerner

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The Santa Cruz Vintage Southerner is an impressive modern interpretation of the slope-shouldered dreadnought design of the ’30s. While its body shape and spruce/mahogany wood complement may look familiar, the VS sports a shorter 24-3/4″ scale length, which puts the bridge in the optimal position to produce the comforting, growling presence of an old blues recording.

At the 2018 Telluride Bluegrass Festival, we teamed up with our friend Dave Bruzza of Greensky Bluegrass and Santa Cruz Guitar Company for a special in-store workshop. When asked what model Santa Cruz he played, Dave said he was “not cool enough for a signature model.” Well, after hearing him headline the festival on the Fred Shellman Memorial Stage that night, we strongly disagree. This VS was inspired by Dave, his guitar, his playing, and his love for the town of Telluride.

This Santa Cruz Vintage Southerner features a Bear Claw Sitka Spruce top, which looks stunning in its Sunburst finish. Because we wanted this guitar to fit the needs of ripping flat-pickers, we opted for the wider 1-3/4″ nut width.

To further customize the aesthetics, we also wanted to add our own touch—something to demonstrate that this VS is a guitar you’ll only find in Telluride: the “Telluride Valley” heelcap. We are absolutely blown away by the level of detail SCGC’s scrimshaw artist was able to capture, and we believe it is the perfect reminder of a town that will inspire years of playing just as much as the guitar itself.

This guitar boasts quick response and impressive volume, and it also feels impossibly lightweight in your hands, especially for sounds like such a big, robust instrument.

Please call (970) 728-9592 or send us an e-mail, and we’ll tell you more with the guitar in hand.

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