Santa Cruz D Pre-War w/ Koa Binding

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At Telluride Music Co., we are honored to be an Authorized Dealer of Santa Cruz Guitar Co.

As its name makes clear, the Santa Cruz D Pre-War (D/PW) is SCGC’s interpretation of the prewar dreadnought design. While this guitar template may be relatively common among boutique builders, you’ll won’t find another guitar so rich in overtones with so much power that is made with such precision and attention to detail. For many players uninitiated to what SCGC offers, the D/PW is a model that shows you what Santa Cruz is all about. With no unnecessary design features, the D/PW employs the finest materials available to produce superior tone.

This Santa Cruz D Pre-War (#7406) features the standard wood complement of a Sitka Spruce top and East Indian Rosewood back and sides. Thanks to carefully scalloped Advanced bracing, it projects quickly and efficiently to fill a room with rich, harmonically-complex tone. True to the prewar dreadnought guitars that influenced its design, this D/PW is powerful, and it packs thunderous bass presence. Nevertheless, it is nicely balanced across the register, and while it can handle a heavy flat-pick beautifully, it also responds nicely to a delicate touch. Because of that, this D/PW may be one of the more versatile dreadnoughts in our shop. We couldn’t resist ordering this DPW custom Koa binding around the top and back and a gorgeous Koa heelcap. It was a simple way to upgrade an already-impressive model, and we love how the Koa contrasts with the dark hue of the East Indian Rosewood. This Santa Cruz D Pre-War is inspiring guitar that will show you everything you never knew was possible with a traditional dreadnought design.

Please give us a call at (970) 728-9592 or send us an e-mail, and we’ll tell you all about it with the guitar in-hand.

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