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At Telluride Music Co., we are honored to be an Authorized Dealer of Nechville Banjos.

The Nechville Saturn may be the world’s lightest professional-level resonator banjo. Thanks to its Timber-Tronic wood tone ring, the Saturn achieves a great bluegrass sound at a fraction of the weight of a traditional resonator banjo with a heavy brass tone ring. It also features many of Nechville’s innovative modern banjo designs, including the Heli-Mount Cycoltronic system, Quick Cam neck connection, and radiused fingerboard. If you haven’t experienced what is possible with Nechville’s innovations, you’re missing out. The Heli-Mount allows for precise, even, and most importantly fast adjustment of the head tension. With this design, there is no guess work moving all the way around the pot with tons of tension hoops—you simply adjust it once, fast and get get even tension across the head. The Quick Cam neck connection allows for precise and once again fast adjustment of the neck angle, which is a huge advantage over the traditional tension rod design. On top of that, the 7-12″ compound radius fingerboard plays like a dream all over the neck. Plus, the Saturn features a slick in-line tailpiece, a comfort-beveled armrest, and a Walnut resonator, which yields a balanced, warm sound.

This Nechville Saturn (serial #2527) is a superior banjo. Nechville’s innovative designs allow you push banjo setup to a new level, and as a result, this Saturn is a banjo that will push your playing to a new level as well. Access Gig Bag included.

Please call (970) 728-9592 or send us an e-mail, and we’ll tell you all about it with the banjo in hand.

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