Nechville Atlantis

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Tap in to that Old-Time vibe.

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The Nechville Atlantis expands on the popular Atlas open-back model and adds even more features, such as a full thumb scoop past the 17th fret, fancy binding, antiqued hardware, a compound-radius fingerboard, a custom tension hoop, and a 12″ block Walnut pot. Like all Nechvilles, the Atlantis employs the “Quick-Cam” neck joint, which allows for quick and easy action adjustment. With a beveled a comfort arm rest on the pot, you won’t find many traditional open-back banjos that are as comfortable to play, and the Atlantis’ FiberSkyn head provides the right sound and the right look. Add a precisely-compensated bridge for accurate intonation and an in-line piece, and the result is a superior open-back banjo that captures the Old-Time sound and vibe but introduces 21st Century technology to push your playing to the next level.

This Nechville Atlantis includes a hardshell case. Drop thumbs, not bombs. Keep calm and frail on!

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