Collings Parlor 1 Mh T

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At Telluride Music Co., we are honored to be an Authorized Dealer of Collings guitars and mandolins.

Crafted with a traditional approach to voicing, construction, and aesthetics, the Collings Parlor is the newest addition to the acclaimed T-Series of vintage-inspired guitars. Borrowing from the design of some of the earliest steel-string guitar designs, the diminutive Parlor body provides exceptional balance and response. First popularized in the late 19th century, this long and narrow, small-body guitar is often overlooked in favor of larger and louder instruments. Nevertheless, this body size has always found a home in the hands of players who appreciate its exceptional tonal balance and responsiveness, as well as its portability and comfortable size.

Named for what we now call the “living room”, this guitar comes from an era when friends would gather at home to make music in an era years before the evening’s entertainment could be readily broadcast, televised, or streamed. Crafted with all of the Collings Traditional series appointments, features, and voicing techniques, the Parlor has a full bodied voice and projection that belies its small size.

We ordered this Collings Parlor 1 Mh T (serial #28634) with a solid Mahogany top. The result is smooth response and warm tone. This guitar feels almost impossibly lightweight, and its comfortable size makes it the ultimate the couch guitar. It’s hard to imagine a parlor-sized guitar built with more attention to detail—this Parlor 1 Mh T is truly a remarkable instrument. It includes a hand-built Collings hardshell case, which may be the most adorable guitar case we’ve ever seen.

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