2014 Manndolins OSEM5 Mandolin 5 String Octave Mandolin “Less Paul Custom”


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Jonathan Mann knows how to put together unique instruments, and this Manndolins OSEM5 “Less Paul Custom” mandolin is no exception. It is one of the most fun/interesting instruments to come through the store. Tuned like a regular mandolin, only an octave lower, an open G chord sounds spectacular with the high B on top. This instrument has a very broad register, and can occupy a wide sonic spectrum. Two mini humbuckers, 3 way switch, and a coil tap provide tones capable of fast chicken pickin’, crunchy power chords, or psychedelic, sustained filled melodies. Plus… THE KNOBS GO TO 11! A thin Vintage Amber waterbased lacquer is expertly applied, and the satin finish on the three-piece neck is very smooth and comfortable. It plays extremely well, is in excellent condition, and comes with a custom Tweed G&G Case.

from mandolinns.com:
“Standard  Features:
Mahogany, Walnut or Cherry Body with neck-thru construction
3 piece curly maple/cherry/maple neck
Flame Maple top (carved)
Rosewood Fretboard
19″ scale on 8 and 4 string models, 18″ on 5 string
12″ Radius on Fretboard
2 way adjustable truss rod
Grover tuners
Chrome Hardware..gold optional
Dimarzio Pro-track / Tone Zone S combo humbucking pickups or 2 GFS mini humbuckers …other brand available
Push/pull tone pot splits pickup coils for single coil sound
Abalone line style position markers
Satin finish on back and neck, Gloss on top …water base
One color stain with matching headstock
Custom Tweed G&G rectangle case”

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