2013 Gibson ES-175 w/ Bigsby

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In February of 1957, Gibson began outfitting their 16-1/2″ full-depth archtop ES-175 with humbucking pickups, and ever since, this beloved model has offered players a rich, warm, dynamic archtop tone that captures tremendous versatility. There’s a reason why such a wide a variety of players—from traditional jazz guitarists to hard rockers—have found inspiration and the right voice in an ES-175. Although the ES-175 was a standard model for many years, Gibson has only produced it in limited quantities since 1993. Because of that, a good, hardworking 175 isn’t always easy to find.

This 2013 Gibson ES-175 sports a gorgeous Ebony finish and Bigsby vibrato tailpiece. It was built in the Memphis, and it is a faithful recreation of the classic late-’50s specifications of the model. Telluride Music acquired this ’13 ES-175 from Vermont guitarist Benny Yurco who used it mostly in the studio and for duo shows with Grace Potter. While Benny owned this guitar, he spent some time searching for the right pickups to maximize the versatility—essentially, to balance the warm, rich archtop tone with a bite capable of pushing into rock n’ roll territory. He finally settled on a Burstbucker II in the neck position and Burstbucker III in the bridge. Also, Benny opted to upgrade the original bridge to a roller bridge, which is a much better fit for the Bigsby.

You can catch Benny Yurco on tour with Michael Nau & the Mighty Thread. We’ve been spinning their self-titled 2018 release in the shop, and we highly recommend you check it out as well.

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