2009 Nechville Classic Deluxe


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For the last 30 years, banjo designer Tom Nechville has pushed the limits of the banjo to maximize its sound, playability, and overall potential. At first glance, this 2009 Nechville Classic Deluxe appears to be every bit of a traditional bluegrass banjo, and its driving tone will certainly pays homage to all the sought-after prewar resonators. But like any Nechville banjo, this Classic Deluxe and Tom’s innovations push the 5-string template to a new level.

In particular, Nechville’s Heli-Mount Design revolutionizes banjo setups by allowing for even, uniform tension adjustment of the head. Adjusting with the Heli-Mount is not only fast, but it’s extremely accurate so the days of endless tapping and back-and-forth guesswork are long passed. On top of that, Nechville offers by far the most effective neck adjustment on banjos. Unlike traditional banjos which use alignment rods, the Nechvilles have a simple hex-key adjustment on the neck heel to adjust the neck angle and action. When you add a radius fingerboard for improved playability and a compensated saddle for proper intonation, there’s no question the Nechville banjo is a superior instrument for 21st Century banjo pickers.

This 2009 Nechville Classic Deluxe is in excellent condition with very little signs of play and no damages or repairs. It is an excellent sounding and playing resonator banjo, ready to drive any bluegrass band, but its versatility is also capable of sweeter sounds for folk or any genre of music. The original hardshell case is included in the sale.

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