2008 Fender Custom Shop ’58 Heavy Relic Telecaster

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The Fender Custom Shop strikes again! This ’58 Heavy Relic Telecaster is everything a Telecaster wants to be when it grows up. The well-worn maple neck feels like an old baseball glove, as if you have been breaking it in your whole life. It is very full with a large vintage “C” shape. However, the fretboard radius is a modern 9.5″ to ensure effortless playing and keeps your bends from fretting out. This one has been outfitted with Klein Epic ’58 pickups, and they are so articulate and dynamic its easy to see why they are considered some of the most authentic sounding Tele pickups on the market. Seriously, these Kleins are quite impressive!┬áTelecasters are widely considered the “Swiss Army Knife” of electric guitars, and this one is no exception. This guitar is in excellent shape (it is a relic, after all) and is an absolute workhorse of a guitar. The original tweed case is in great shape with only minor scuffs.

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