2003 Pogreba “Old Red” Cadillac Blacksmith #130


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Sometimes there’s no other way to describe it; some guitars are just plain cool.

Larry Pogreba is an interesting character. When you google his name, you’ll find no shortage of accolades about his beautiful instruments, and you’ll also learn about his other inventions, including his bowling ball cannon that was featured on a episode of Secret Earth. Simply put, Larry is a creator who gets an idea and executes, and he takes the time and effort to get his idea right. Because of that, you’ll see his unique, inspiring guitars in the hands of Keb Mo, Bonnie Raitt, David Lindley, Emmylou Harris, Greg Leisz, Jerry Douglas, Darrell Scott, and many others.

Larry built Cadillac Blacksmith #130 in 2003, and it is consigned to us by the original owner who bought it new from The Great Divide Music Co. in Aspen, Colo. Pogreba’s rough-welded aluminum body is about as cool as it gets, and a resonator cover built out of a genuine 1955 Oldsmobile hubcap puts this one somewhere between a musical instrument and americana folk art. We like to tune this resonator down in D, and oh boy you won’t believe how it growls. You will probably never play another guitar anything like this, and guess what, no two Pogrebas are alike. We call this one “Old Red.”

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