1976 Gibson Super 400 CES Sunburst


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Developed through years of research, the luxurious Super 400-CES has been acclaimed by outstanding musicians everywhere as the finest electric Spanish guitar. Superior materials and superb Gibson craftsmanship produce its clear, clean-cut powerful tone and dependable performance.” – Gibson catalog, c. 1959

With powerful sound to match its massive 18″ archtop body, the Gibson Super 400 is about as cool as it gets. When it was unveiled in 1934, the aesthetically-intimidating Super 400 commanded respect and inspired generations of builders to craft archtop guitars that were over-the-top in every way. Once the Super 400 CES model was outfitted with humbucking pickups in late 1957, the result was a tonal palette and versatility that had not been achieved by any guitar before it (and consequently, its design has been imitated by many competitors ever since). Its solid carved Spruce top maximizes response, and two humbucking pickups provide a mellow, warm neck sound and a bright, cutting bridge sound. With ornate inlays and an oversized headstock, the Super 400 CES may be a model that will turn heads, but its refined tone is what will ultimately impress every audience.

This 1976 Gibson Super 400 CES is an excellent example of the mid-’70s iteration of this model. It features its original “PAT NO. 2737842” humbucking pickups, and it is in excellent, very clean cosmetic condition with minimal play wear and weather checking (most notable checking is on either side of the waist). This one has a replacement pickguard and replacement knobs, but both appear to have been replaced some time ago. It also has aftermarket diamond-shaped strap buttons. Apart from the pickguard, knobs, and strap buttons, all of the hardware and parts appear to be original, and it is crack-free with no damages, issues, or signs of repair. Its wide and low original frets have been dressed, but it isn’t near needing a refret. Its original case is included in the sale. It’s hard to imagine another guitar that is so big in size but so fast, touch-sensitive, and easy to play. This 1976 Super 400 CES is a tone monster.

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