1975 Fender Precision Bass


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Since 1951, the Fender Precision Bass has been a straight, no-frills approach to powerful low end that fits any stage. In those 67 years, no bass has shaken doors and rattled windows quite like the P-Bass. If you can’t get it done on a Precision, you’re probably missing the point.

This 1975 Fender Precision Bass is in excellent condition. It is a great example of the mid-’70s contour body, split single-coil pickup, 1-5/8 nut width era of the P-Bass. Its blacked-out pickguard is a perfect match for the ’70s three-tone sunburst. Its solid Maple “B” neck shows a remarkable and unusual amount of flame and figuring, and its profile is comfortable and full feeling. The current setup is low and inviting, and flatwound strings provide the perfect feel and dynamics. As for repairs, the nut has been replaced, but this Precision is otherwise all original and ready to satisfy your low-end desires.

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