1968 Gibson J-50 Adj.


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The Gibson J-50 is a workhorse—a simple, no frills American-made guitar with a big, fat sound.

This 1968 Gibson J-50 is in excellent condition, and in many ways, it is a true song-writer’s machine that still has plenty of songs and inspiration left in the tank. This ’68 J-50 is from the “ADJ” adjustable-saddle era, and in its 50 years, it has seen minimal repairs and modifications. It sports late ’70s Schaller tuning machines, which in all fairness may be a sincere upgrade from the original tuning machines. Also, two inches of center seam (running from the end block) have been properly reglued and cleated. Apart from that, it is very clean cosmetically, and the Gibson silk-screen on the pickguard provides the right vintage mojo. This one has the narrow 1-5/8″ nut width and slim, fast neck you’d expect from a late-’60s Gibson, so it’s a comfortable guitar you can play for hours, night after night. As for tone, it has the dry, full and warm sound you’d expect from a good J-50.

This ’68 Gibson J-50 ADJ is a great vintage guitar with tone that will inspire you and a price that won’t break the bank.

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