Telluride Music Co. offers an extensive lesson program, featuring instruction on various instruments and music theory. Standard lesson rates are $30 for a half-hour and $50.00 for an hour. Although most lessons are private, one-on-one sessions, group lessons are available at a discount and case-by-case basis. Read about our instructors below and follow the links to a book a lesson.

Our Instructor

Ethan Hale

Ethan started playing piano and guitar in junior high as a vehicle for songwriting. He joined his first band in high school with the ominous name Tunnel. He graduated with a Bachelors in Theatre with a Minor in Music from the University of Wyoming in 2002. After chasing  a career as a recording artist in New York City for a couple of years he settled into Los Angeles to study film scoring. On a whim he moved with a friend to Telluride for “only” a winter to ski in 2005.

He joined the Squidshow theatre company in 2007, an all original theatre company stared by Sasha Sullivan.  As music director for Telluride Theatre, (Squidshow 2.0) his ten year involvement has led him to lead and write many musical projects in the theatre realm, and an excuse to collect and learn several instruments. A five year stint with Jen Julia’s Young People’s Theatre company also ensued during the 11 years Ethan has been in Telluride.

Ethan started teaching lessons at Telluride Music Company in the summer of 2016 and has enjoyed the diverse spectrum of students and lessons. You may see him around town playing solo or with the band. 



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